Brain Sprinkles 132

Creativity is one of the most important things a human being can express. It’s good for our brains, our hearts, and our souls. It allows people to explore themselves and others in a deep way, something introspection and discussion can’t always do. When consuming others’ creative works, you’re getting a piece of who they are as a person, whether they wanted or intended that or not.

Creativity allows us to function as a society. We’re not merely surviving—we’re living, hour to hour and day to day. How we spend our time digesting others’ creative works—whether that’s a movie, a novel, or a collection of poems—is important to how we grow as people and a community of human beings. I hope reading about the creative content I enjoy (or don’t) gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to make something great and uniquely your own. At the very least maybe you’ll discover something new you might be interested in.


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One is the first official spinoff Star Wars movie, and it’s far better than the majority of the main films it’s based off. This flick tells the tale of the rebels responsible for securing the Death Star plans and giving them to Princess Leia, leading to the beginning of Episode IV. Rogue One is a tragic story, full of mature themes, and it’s actually pretty sad. The final third of Rogue One is incredibly thrilling, and the last five minutes or so had me giddy. It’s surprising how gripping the movie is considering you know how it ends if you’ve seen Episode IV. Definitely give it a watch.


TV Comedy
Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation, much like The Office, is a workplace mockumentary comedy. Also like The Office, Parks and Rec is hilarious and full of lovable characters. My favorite is Ron Swanson, a self-proclaimed libertarian who, ironically, works for the government. The show kinda loses steam by the final seasons, and the finale left me disappointed in some ways, but overall, Parks and Rec is a stellar show. Definitely watch it if you haven’t.


Video Game
Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is one of my favorite video games. I can’t get enough. I wrote about it for my column, Press Start. Check it out here.


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