Brain Sprinkles 76

Creativity is one of the most important things a human being can express. It’s good for our brains, our hearts, and our souls. It allows people to explore themselves and others in a deep way, something introspection and discussion can’t always do. When consuming others’ creative works, you’re getting a piece of who they are as a person, whether they wanted or intended that or not.

Creativity allows us to function as a society. We’re not merely surviving—we’re living, hour to hour and day to day. How we spend our time digesting others’ creative works—whether that’s a movie, a novel, or a collection of poems—is important to how we grow as people and a community of human beings. I hope reading about the creative content I enjoy (or don’t) gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to make something great and uniquely your own. At the very least maybe you’ll discover something new you might be interested in.

Ellie Goulding


My favorite world music band released a new album recently. It’s not as good as The Rip Tide, but it’s got some notable tracks, specifically No No No and Perth. If you haven’t listened to this band before, they’re whole discography is worth a listen just because of how different the band is overall.

Ellie Goulding

I can’t believe I haven’t written about Ellie Goulding before. Luckily, her new album gives me a chance to discuss this talented British pop musician. What I like about Ellie is that her music style not only matures with each album but gets more unusual and, frankly, better. Her third album has tons of great tracks, so I’d recommend the whole thing. Here are a few notables, though: Aftertaste, On My Mind, Don’t Need Nobody.


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