Brain Sprinkles 54

Creativity is one of the most important things a human being can express. It’s good for our brains, our hearts, and our souls. It allows people to explore themselves and others in a deep way, something introspection and discussion can’t always do. When consuming others’ creative works, you’re getting a piece of who they are as a person, whether they wanted or intended that or not.

Creativity allows us to function as a society. We’re not merely surviving—we’re living, hour to hour and day to day. How we spend our time digesting others’ creative works—whether that’s a movie, a novel, or a collection of poems—is important to how we grow as people and a community of human beings. I hope reading about the creative content I enjoy (or don’t) gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to make something great and uniquely your own. At the very least maybe you’ll discover something new you might be interested in.

it follows film still

American Psycho

At my girlfriend’s bequest, we went on a horror movie binge this week. American Psycho is a classic (according to Rotten Tomatoes), but I’m not sure I get it. A rich, egotistical, Wall Street type kills a bunch of woman for no discernible reason, then it’s revealed, to his shock and disbelief, that he actually didn’t kill anyone but only played out his sick fantasies in his head? There’s a message in there somewhere, I’m sure, but I don’t know what it is.

It Follows

It Follows is one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in a long time. The premise is delightfully creepy: A creature (whose origin or purpose is never explained) can take on the shape of any person, alive or dead, as it walks in a straight line in the direction of its target. It can’t speak. It can’t run. All it can do is walk silently. And when it gets close enough, it kills. The monster only targets one person at a time, and the current target can pass the curse on by having sex with someone. The creature is invisible to everyone except its victims, but it’s very real. That alone is worth a short story, but the movie one girl’s quest to defeat the beast. Plus, the movie features a soundtrack from Disasterpeace, the guy behind Fez’s music. Definitely check this one out.

The Den

The Den is so mediocre that I almost had to look up the plot premise to jog my memory of the movie. Basically, a woman is stalked on a Omegle-like chat service. Some murders happen, people make bad decisions, and the credits roll. Good for a cheap, brainless scare if you want a found footage film with a different gimmick.

Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine

Indie pop artist Florence dropped her third album recently, and I gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed. Whereas song after song in Lungs and Ceremonials shine with that unique Florence tinge, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful feels generic and forgettable in comparison. It’s not that the album is bad, but it’s definitely my least favorite of the three. Check out Delilah, Third Eye and Mother for a taste of her new stuff. Basically everything from her first two albums are worth a listen.


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