Brain Sprinkles 32

Creativity is one of the most important things a human being can express. It’s good for our brains, our hearts, and our souls. It allows people to explore themselves and others in a deep way, something introspection and discussion can’t always do. When consuming others’ creative works, you’re getting a piece of who they are as a person, whether they wanted or intended that or not.

Creativity allows us to function as a society. We’re not merely surviving—we’re living, hour to hour and day to day. How we spend our time digesting others’ creative works—whether that’s a movie, a novel, or a collection of poems—is important to how we grow as people and a community of human beings. I hope reading about the creative content I enjoy (or don’t) gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to make something great and uniquely your own. At the very least maybe you’ll discover something new you might be interested in.

Fellowship of the Ring


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Lots of Lord of the Rings stuff this week! (I actually watched this movie a few weeks ago, but I forgot to talk about it, so here it is). I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan (at least when it comes to the films), so naturally, I enjoyed The Hobbit trilogy, too. Say what you will about a 90-page book being converted into a 12-hour span of movies full of way too much CGI—I personally loved every minute of the films. That said, Battle of the Five Armies was probably my least favorite. What I enjoy so much about Middle-earth films is their whimsical, fantastical nature. Characters are moving, there are constant cuts to other plots and hijinks, and dramatic moments are offset by the occasional quip. That isn’t the case with Battle of the Five Armies. Smaug is killed only minutes into the film, and the rest of the movie is basically one long, static battle scene full of too much Legolas. It’s not bad by any means, but it’s not exactly the fantasy-esque adventure that I love.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

It’s been a few years since I’ve watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and after seeing the final Hobbit movie, my girlfriend and I decided to binge them. The Fellowship of the Ring is probably my favorite Lord of the Rings movie. I love how much ground the characters cover, Frodo’s development, the great action scenes, and Moria. Man, I get excited every single time the fellowship enters Moria. Fantastic stuff in those dank mines. The Fellowship is great because the whole party is together, just being bros as they kill orcs and goblins and stuff. On top of a stellar soundtrack and beautiful cinematography, what’s not to love?

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

The Two Towers is probably my least favorite Lord of the Rings movie simply because it just feels a bit more chaotic than the other two. The party is split up, times are dark, and secondary characters enter the fray when all I really care about is the cast established in the first movie. Don’t get me wrong—I love The Two Towers through and through. It’s just not my favorite.

Sunset Overdrive

Video Game
Pokémon Trading Card Game

Though technically not a video game, I put this here because I didn’t know where else to throw it. I’ve always loved Pokémon, and I’ve been collecting the cards for years, but it wasn’t until this week that I seriously dove into the actual trading card game. It’s surprisingly fun. I’m not familiar with deck-building games, but Pokémon TCG seems pretty bare bones, but that’s okay with me. My girlfriend and I both bought theme decks and have been switching between them as we battle every night. No matter who wins, we always have a good time. Now we’re reorganizing my hundreds upon hundreds of cards in order to build our own decks, which should amp up the good times even more.

Sunset Overdrive

I finally dove into Sunset Overdrive after getting it for Christmas. Considering it was an Insomniac Game, I expected plenty of platforming and third-person shooting, but what really surprised me is how loveable the game is overall despite its flaws. Sunset City is probably the coolest location I’ve visited in a game (I so wish I could live there—except without the mutants). I love the bright colors and varying locations. What sets Sunset Overdrive apart from other third-person shooters, however, is its emphasis on traversal. If you stand in one place blasting bad guys and mutants, you will die—quickly. In order to survive, you have to swing, bounce, and grind around the map while simultaneously shooting bad guys, which is surprisingly easy once you get used to it. Sunset Overdrive even makes zipping around the map fun rather than a chore like many sandbox games do. If you’re a fan of open-world shooters with great settings, hilarious writing, fun characters, and unique approaches to combat, grab this game.


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