Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 10

December 20, 2014

I think this might be my last entry for a bit, because there’s no way I’ll be able to top what I accomplished today.

To make a long story short, I beat the Elite 4, became the Pokémon Champion, saved the world, caught two more legendary Pokémon, and went on a date with May.

Let’s start with this morning, when I beat the Elite 4. The paths leading up to each battle were themed by the type of Pokémon each Elite member used. For instance one path was all ice, and the following Elite used, you guessed it, Ice Pokémon. This allowed me to rearrange my team’s order appropriately. Basically, I destroyed the Elite 4 without breaking a sweat, but I wasn’t Champion yet.

I emerged from the final room into the Champion’s room. The Champion turned around and revealed himself to be…Steven! This was the unassuming guy who I met in Granite Cave at the beginning of my journey, the same dude who had me climb aboard a Latias’ back to save a Latios from Team Magma. It caught me by surprise; I was half expecting Wally to be the Champion. Steven’s team was strong, but I didn’t have too much trouble defeating him. The first person to run in to congratulate me was May. My heart swelled. She had advice to give me on how to beat the Champion, but she was too late. Bless her heart. Her father, Birch, showed up and congratulated me as well before Steve led me into the Hall of Fame. I had made it. I was a Pokémon Master.

I woke up the next day in Littleroot. I came downstairs to find my parents talking about not being able to see a meteor shower at the Mossdeep space station due to my dad having to work. Of course my father would stand my mom up for “work.” What a chump. Still, my mom suggested I take the tickets, and I knew at once who I wanted to come with me.

I walked outside into the sunny morning to find a pretty yet somewhat off-putting woman waiting outside my door. She wore a black top, shorts, and tattered cape, and a Whismur she called Aster stood at her heels. She introduced herself as Zinnia before running off. Strange. I went to May’s house, and she was complaining that she was attacked by some foreign woman in the night. How dare anyone touch my May. I knew it once it must’ve been Zinnia, so I set off after her.

I found the woman in Petalburg. She was harassing Wally, asking for his Key Stone, or Mega Bracelet. He refused. Zinnia greeted me cheerfully and we battled before she scurried off. I was about to take after her again when Steven called me, asking me to meet him at the Devon Corporation in Rustboro. I complied.

At the factory, Steven introduced me to his father, Mr. Stone, the guy who tasked me with delivering a letter to Steven. Now I understood why Stone had me running those errands. He explained some shocking news: a meteor was on a crash course with the planet, and Hoenn needed my help to get rid of the thing. The scientists at the Mossdeep space station were developing a device to warp the meteor to a different part of space, but it was my job to help assemble the necessary parts.

What followed was me flying from place to place, collecting things like meteor shards and whatnot to help the scientists in Mossdeep get rid of this meteor. Everywhere I went, I ran into Zinnia. She explained that teleporting the meteor would only put in the path of another planet, one that might not have the means to defend herself. With that, she stole and destroyed the device that would have activated the warp drive, dooming us all.

After following more leads, I eventually made it to the Sky Pillar, a crumbling tower in the south. Inside, Zinnia was there. She took the time to explain that the only way to get the meteor without endangering anyone was to summon Rayquaza, an ancient and legendary Pokémon. I followed her to the tower’s summit, and, using the Key Stones she’d stolen (and tried to steal from May and Wally), she successfully summoned Rayquaza. When she asked it to destroy the meteor, it only stared.

Zinnia collapsed in defeat when she realized Rayquaza was far too weak to destroy a giant boulder hurdling toward the planet. That’s when the meteorite shards in my backpack started to glow. Before I could even pull them out, Rayquaza lurched forward and swallowed them whole. Zinnia stepped back in awe and told me that Rayquaza demanded a battle with me. I obliged, and I captured him. With its power renewed, it was ready. I donned my magma suit, and so was I. I climbed on Rayquaza’s back, and we blasted into space.

Yeah, I’m 10 years old, and I went to space on a Pokémon’s back. What have you done with your life lately?

Rayquaza didn’t even slow as it blasted through the meteor, shattering it into a million pieces, saving the entire world. Just as we were about to head back home, an alien Pokémon emerged from the meteor’s remains. It was Deoxys. This thing was strong, but after several types, I managed to capture it. That’s two legendary Pokémon I caught within minutes of each other. I’m freaking unstoppable!

When I got back to solid ground, I found a note from Zinnia saying her work was done, and that she and Aster would roam the world as nomads. Good for her. Despite her unorthodox methods, I can’t deny I’ll miss her. With the planet saved, it was time to ask May to watch the meteor shower with me. She said yes.

We spent the whole day in the Mossdeep space station, learning about planets and stars and rockets and stuff. I was enraptured. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this would happen, but there I was, on a date with May. The perfect day ended with us watching the meteor shower, and I took her home. I didn’t get a goodnight kiss, but there’s plenty of time for that.

So what now? Well, I hear there are plenty of more legendary Pokémon to capture. Plus, my mom gave me tickets to go to some island reserved for excellent Pokémon trainers. I wonder what I’ll find there. Besides that, I’ve got a Pokédex to fill and more awesome Pokémon to breed and raise. My work is just beginning.

One chapter of my life has come to a close, but it’s been a thrilling and unforgettable 10 days. I’ll be sure to update you if anything else noteworthy happens. Until then, keep it real, and don’t forget to pack your Super Repels.

Current Team

Deoxys – Level 80
Rayquaza – Level 70
Crobat (Poptart) – Level 66
Swampert (Mudbuns) – Level 65
Groudon – Level 65
Latios – Level 65

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 49:49
Gym Badges: 8 and Pokémon Champion
Current Location: Littleroot

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