Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 9

December 19, 2014

My journey is coming to an end because today, I earned my final badge. Oh, and I also saved the world.

I started my day heading into the Cave of Origins. Alone. Me, a 10-year-old boy with nothing but six Pokémon, a blue orb, and a magma-proof suit, went into a cave by myself to stop an ancient and legendary Pokémon. What a way to start my Friday.

It didn’t take long to find Groudon, thanks to his constant rumblings that led me straight to him. He was a sight to see, standing there in a pool of magma. I donned my suit and a voice came through the helmet. It was Maxie. He told me to jump onto Groudon’s back, so, being the logical kid I am, I did just that.

The Pokémon took me deeper into the cave and eventually shook me off. I twas time to battle. I used weak attacks so I wouldn’t accidentally kill him, and eventually he went to sleep to restore his health. I hit him once more and took the opportunity to throw and Ultra Ball at him. The first one didn’t take, but my second ball captured him. The whole thing took maybe 30 seconds. This is just too easy.

With Groudon in my captivity, the world returned to normal. I emerged from the cave a hero. Maxie, Archie, Steven, and every Sootopolis citizen I met congratulated and thanked me, assuring that I not only saved the city, but Hoenn itself. I was a hero, but I didn’t really feel like one.

Wallace, the fruity Sootopolis gym leader who originally led me to the cave, told me he’d we awaiting my challenge, so off to the gym I went. His was the hardest of the eight (which makes sense, considering he’s Hoenn’s final gym), but Raiden destroyed Wallace’s Water ‘mons without breaking a sweat. Just like that, I had a legendary Pokémon and all eight gym badges.

Wallace assured me my journey wasn’t over. There are still Pokémon to catch, and the Elite Four aren’t going to conquer themselves. I spent some time exploring the ocean, taking on trainers to raise my Pokémon, and then I was ready. I surfed to Ever Grande City to go through Victory Road.

I’d heard stories about how difficult Victory Road was to pass, but I managed in just a few minutes. The trainers I came across has high-level ‘mons, but I wrestled my way through. By the time I emerged, my party was pretty battered, but I didn’t care because I knew I could heal before taking on the Elite Four.

That’s when Wally showed up.

Yes, the lovable, timid, socially inept Wally was still raising his Pokémon after all, and he beat me to the eight gym badge and made it through Victory Road first. I considered for a second that I didn’t give him enough credit. Then he decided to battle me, despite the fact my party was near completely wiped out. Of course, that didn’t matter; I mopped the floor with all five of his Pokémon (seriously, who raises a Delcatty to level 47?). Wally thanked me for teaching him so much, gave me Dawn Stone, and moved aside. I was through.

Tomorrow, my journey to become a Pokémon Champion ends. I’ll train a bit more, take on the Elite Four, and emerge a Pokémon Master. I’d ask for you to wish me luck, but I know I won’t need it.

Current Team

Swampert (Mudbuns) – Level 52
Groudon – Level 52
Latios – Level 52
Gardevoir (Feels) – Level 51
Crobat (Poptart) – Level 50
Manectric (Raiden) – Level 50

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 44:30
Gym Badges: 8
Current Location: Pokémon League

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