Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 7 & 8

December 18, 2014

I’ve been so busy that I’ve hardly had time to gather my thoughts, let alone write about my crazy adventures. Here’s a quick recap.

I woke up yesterday and headed along the next route until I ran into a building called the Weather Institute. Inside were tons of Team Magma fools, including Tabitha, the (male, lol) grunt under Maxie who I originally thwarted atop Mount Chimney. He was stealing research from a scientist. I guess he was trying to find the relationship between the weather and this ancient Pokémon named Groudon they’re trying to awaken from an endless slumber. He also mentioned something about Primal Reversion, which is a type of Mega Evolution, I think. Anyway, I defeated him, of course, and he left.

After thwarting the tool, I moved toward Mount Pyre, which is where Tabitha told me Team Magma was heading next. I swear these idiots want me to stop them. Along the way, I ran into May. She seemed kinda jealous of my Mega bracelet. Cute. Sadly, I whooped her paltry team for, what, the fourth time? I feel kinda bad, but I won’t just give her the win.

The next town I came across was Fortree City, where all the buildings are, well, in the trees. The path to the gym was blocked by some invisible force, so I moved onto the next route only to spot Steven. He gave me a Mega stone for Mudbuns and these goggles called a Devon Scope which allowed me to see camouflaged Kecleon. I went back to the gym, scared away the now-visible Kecleon that was blocking the entrance, and made my way in.

The Fortree gym was Flying type led by this adorable, purple-haired chick in a full-on wing suit of some sort. The gym was easy enough to navigate, and my Raiden wiped out Winona’s (that’s her name) team pretty quickly. For my effort I got the Feather Badge, my sixth one. Weary from my journey, I took a rest for the evening.

The next day, I spent most of the morning backtracking. I visited my mom, collected berries I had planted, and surfed and rock smashed my ways through areas previously blocked off to me. After that, it was time to head to Mount Pyre and stop Magma’s diabolical plans…again.

Turns out Mount Pyre is actually built on top of a Pokémon graveyard. There were plenty of Ghost Pokémon to catch, but I had no time. I reached the summit where Maxie was stealing a red orb that had been carefully placed there. He claimed he’d use it to awaken Groudon, then dashed off for Slateport to steal a freaking submarine to make it to the Pokémon’s resting place. This guy is truly nuts.

The orb’s watchers (who aren’t very good at their jobs, apparently) gifted me the remaining blue orb. I immediately flew to Slateport, but I was too late; Maxie had stolen a submarine and made for Groudon’s chamber. Captain Slate gave me a ride to Lilycove, the city closest to Magma’s not-so-hidden secret base. Inside, I tried to find out more information about where Maxie had gone, but it was too late. Defeated, I decided to move on. Might as well catch more badges while I’m waiting for Groudon to destroy the world, right?

I traveled to Mossdeep, the next town, and took on Tate and Liza, the twin gym leaders. Their Psychic Pokémon were no match for Raiden’s Bug-type HIdden Power, and soon I had the Mind Badge. Seven badges in eight days; I’m close enough to taste the Elite Four. That sounds gross. Sorry.

I emerged outside to a deafening explosion. To the south, I saw a beam of light erupt from the ocean, and I knew at once it was Maxie. Steven, who I guess had followed me to Mossdeep, gave me the HM Dive and a scuba suit so I could follow Maxie underwater to Groudon’s chamber, and that’s exactly what I did.

I eventually found the Pokémon’s resting place. Both Archie and Tabitha were there, begging Maxie not to raise Groudon, saying that doing so would bring about the earth’s destruction. Maxie wouldn’t have it. We battled, and I won, but that didn’t stop him. Using the red orb he’d stolen, he awakened Groudon, who immediately surfaced and began leveling the planet. Way to go, Maxie.

Everyone left, saying a cave in Sootopolis City held the key to stopping Groudon, so that’s where I went. Outside the cave entrance, everyone from Steven to Archie to Tabitha to Maxie were there waiting. Of course, they’re all cowards, so they decided me, a 10-year-old kid, would be the perfect candidate to don a magma-proof suit and head through the lava-filled cavern to find whatever it is that might stop Groudon. Unbelievable.

Just as I was about to head in, May appeared again. She cheered me on, but to my horror, she called me her “best friend.” I was mortified, but now’s not the time to get wrapped up in childish feelings.

I have a world to save.

Current Team

Gardevoir (Feels) – Level 49
Swampert (Mudbuns) – Level 47
Latios – Level 47
Crobat (Poptart) – Level 47
Machamp (Captain Hero) – Level 47
Manectric (Raiden) – Level 47

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 38:56
Gym Badges: 7
Current Location: Sootopolis City

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