Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 6

December 16, 2014

Today was a busy, successful day that ended with two gym badges, a legendary Pokémon, and May announcing she was impressed with me. But let me start from the beginning.

This morning I set out along Route 114 to catch up with May and rescue Professor Cozmo. I made it to Meteor Falls with no problem, and inside, May and I battled side by side to save the professor from the clutches of two Team Magma morons. Unfortunately, the two goons made off with Cozmo’s meteorite, and seconds later, some blue-clad chumps calling themselves Team Aqua showed up. The leader, Archie, who looks like a pirate, threatened me and left. Adults around here are bonkers.

We took Cozmo home, and together, May and I traveled back to Mauville so she could take on the third gym while I moved on to Mount Chimney. The whole journey I was a bundle of nerves, but we made it to the city without me totally embarrassing myself, so I call that a win. I took the now open cable car to the summit of Mount Chimney and found Magma and Aqua grunts squaring off. I passed them by and found Maxie, Magma’s leader, standing beside a machine overlooking a bunch of lava. If I understood his ramblings correctly, he was trying to use the meteorite he stole from Cozmo to awaken an ancient Pokémon who can shape and expand the land so more people can live on the planet…or something like that. Team Aqua (and any sane person) are against such a plan, so I battled him and took Maxie down a peg. Oddly enough, he rewarded me with the meteorite for my trouble. How stupid do you have to be to lose a Pokémon battle to a 10-year-old and calmly hand over the one thing you’ve been fighting to get? Idiot.

With that debacle out of the way, I descended the mountain down Jagged Pass, landing in Lavaridge Town. It was small, but the town held a gym. I guess I hadn’t missed Lavaridge after all; the only way to reach it is by traveling down from Mount Chimney, which sounds like a pretty stupid way to attract tourists or passersby. But I ain’t no mayor.

I trained my Pokémon up a few levels and decided I was ready to take on the gym, which was a beautiful, Fire type-themed steam bathhouse. There were plenty of trainers to take on within its walls, and finally I met Flannery, the sexy and inexperienced gym leader who liked to yell. I used Mudbuns to yet again one-shot all her ‘mons, and she gave me the Heat Badge, telling me that I reminded her of Petalburg’s gym leader, AKA my father. Yuck. But with four badges in hand, I now had enough to take on my dad and destroy his reputation once and for all.

After exiting the gym, May met up with me again and asked me to accompany her to Petalburg. She’d won her third badge, and she wanted to see what would become of my battle against my father. She actually confessed that she was impressed with me, then carefully changed her wording and congratulated my Pokémon. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she was flirting with me, but I’m not that naive. Still, the long walk to Petalburg was nice, even if I was still too nervous to say anything. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve said a single word to May since meeting her six days ago. I disgust myself.

The Petalburg gym was the hardest one yet. Each trainer used Normal types and powerful items to give themselves the edge, but in the end, they were no match for my Machoke’s Low Kicks. Finally, I came upon my father, who warned me he wouldn’t hold back. Fine by me. I’m happy to say that my dad’s Pokémon were the easiest ones in the gym to defeat. I wiped them all out before he had a chance to even process how badly I was whooping him. When the dust settled, the look on his face was prize enough, but he still gave me the Balance Badge for my trouble. Up yours, Norman.

Outside, Wally was walking around with his father. They both thanked me yet again for helping Wally catch a Ralts before Wally ran off to the east with a Surfing Pokémon to cross the sea. Wally’s father gave me an HM so I could do the same, and I left my father without a word. It may have been my imagination, but I think I saw a single tear in his eye, but I’m not sure whether it was there due to sadness, rage, or regret.

I taught Surf to Mudbuns and crossed the channel, washing up on dry land to the east. I was only steps along the path when I ran into Steven, the guy I found in Granite Cave in Dewford a few days ago. He said hello and was about to leave when a cry from above diverted our attention. To my astonishment, a Latias flew down and began crying for what Steven insisted was help. Before I could object, he pulled me onto Latias’ back, and we were off.

We landed on some small island to the south minutes later. Steven said Latias must have taken us here for a reason, so I moved onward, hoping to spot something. I did: At the other end of the island sat a Latios, a Mega Stone in its hands. Steven and I were about to help it when Team Magma showed up (of course). My patience was gone; Steven and I destroyed both of them in an instant, and they left empty-handed.

Alone with Latios again, it reached out to touch me. Steven said it wanted to join my party, and to my shock and delight, it willingly joined my team. I had my very own Latios! Steven gave me a Mega Bracelet, which allows me to Mega Evolve Latios in battle into a jumbo jet-looking Pokémon, and I couldn’t be happier. Finishing these last few gyms will be a breeze.

I traveled back to Mauville to take a rest. Tomorrow, I’ll tackle another route and, hopefully, another gym. If I’m lucky, I’ll be a Pokémon Master in a few days, and if I’m the most fortunate boy on Earth, May will be at my side, unable to resist me after I’m the League Champion.

A boy can dream.

Current Team

Marshtomp (Mudbuns) – Level 35
Mightyena (Lady) – Level 35
Crobat (Poptart) – Level 35
Machamp (Captain Hero) – Level 35
Gardevoir (Feels) – Level 34
Manectric (Raiden) – Level 34

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 24:49
Gym Badges: 5
Current Location: Mauville City

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