Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 5

December 15, 2014

In a surprise twist, today was fairly normal. Fairly.

I spent a good portion of my afternoon exploring Mauville City, which is huge. There were shops and trainers and parks and apartments. It was exhausting navigating each and every hallway and room, but I persevered. I think I might have OCD.

Anyway, because Mauville is basically in the middle of Hoenn, the roads branch out in each cardinal direction. Since I came from the south, I decided to head west, east, and north before taking on Mauville’s gym. To the west I found the tunnel I saved Mr. Briney’s Wingull Peeko from the Team Magma grunt in, only this time, I was on the other side. The tunnel was still blocked by boulders, so I left. There wasn’t anything interesting to the east except millions of gallons of seawater, so I went north. Up the path, a family of four challenged me to a sequence of battles. Of course, I one-hit KO’d each of them. I even made a little girl cry, I whooped her so bad. The family invited me inside and insisted the eldest son was stronger than all of them put together. Even so, I still bet I could take him.

I left the house and went farther north, only to find my path blocked by yet more boulders. With nothing else to do, I took on the gym.

The third gym was Electric type, with a kindly old man, Wattson, as its leader. I used Mudbuns (who’s part Ground type) because he’s immune to electric attacks, so I made pretty short work of the gym, and Wattson handed over the Dynamo Badge. Three down, five to go. And after the next one, I’ll be able to face my abusive, alcoholic dad and finally avenge my mother. Your time is coming, Father.

For my efforts, I got the HM Rock Smash from somebody (I don’t recall who) and threw it on my Zigzagoon before heading north again. I burst through the boulders and found a Machop. I quickly caught him and added him to my team as Captain Hero, replacing my shiny Metang. Sorry, Metang, but you’re technically not mine (his original trainer is Steven, who is perhaps the same Steven Mr. Stone had me deliver a letter to days ago). I’ll probably make adjustments as needed as I approach the Elite Four, but for now, I’m confident in my six ‘mons’ abilities.

As I continued on, I met this weird 25-year-old dude who insisted on taking me inside a tree. Weird, right? Every part of my brain screamed, “You are not about to follow an adult into the branches of some shady plant,” but that’s exactly what I did. I’m not proud of it. Thankfully, this guy is only half as crazy as most of Hoenn’s denizens (which still qualifies him as legally insane, FYI), and he showed me how to set up a secret base within the tree and other places in Hoenn. I…don’t really see the point, but it’s sort of cool to have a customizable base in a tree, I guess. He left, as did I.

Further north I climbed until I reached the foot of Mount Chimney. A cable car that takes visitors to the summit was blocked by Team Magma, who were undoubtedly up to no good, which left me to walk, so west I went. As I traveled, the sky darkened and the trees became white with what looked like snow. I quickly realized this was fallen ash from the “dormant” volcano. I caught some more Pokémon, beat some trainers, and then, out of nowhere, she arrived.

May came from the west, screaming that she needed my help. I dashed after her in a heartbeat. Turns out that Professor Cozmo, one of her father’s friends, was tricked by Team Magma to lead them up Mt. Chimney no doubt to use his “genius” (you can’t be that smart to fall for one of Magma’s tricks) for some evil purpose. May said she was “counting on me,” which filled me with glee, before she ran off. I’m to meet her at Meteor Falls.

But it’s late, so I need to rest tonight. Glancing at my map now, it looks like I may have missed Lavaridge Town, where the next gym resides, to the northwest of Mauville. I might have to backtrack. But for now, May and Professor Cozmo need my help, and that they’ll get…tomorrow.


Current Team

Marshtomp (Mudbuns) – Level 29
Kirlia (Feels) – Level 27
Mightyena (Lady) – Level 27
Manectric (Raiden) – Level 26
Crobat (Poptart) – Level 26
Machop (Captain Hero) – Level 25

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 19:35
Gym Badges: 3
Current Location: Fallarbor Town

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