Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 3

December 13, 2014

My adventures across Hoenn keep getting weirder.

Following May’s and Mr. Stone’s sage advice, I made it to the old sailor’s house on Route 104. Guess who? Mr. Briney, the guy whose Wingull Peeko I saved from the Team Magma grunt, is the salty seafarer who was set to give me a ride. With a jovial laugh and a slap on the back, he took me to his boat and we set sail for Dewford.

Now Dewford is a small fishing village to the west, and I think the sun is getting to its inhabitants. As I stepped off the boat, one little girl told me that the town is so small that fads travel quickly throughout the hamlet. Wanting to test this theory, I told her “honey parties” were all the rage back in Petalburg. That’s right. I made up some nonsense fad, and would you believe that this entire town of lunatics took the bait? For the rest of the day, anyone I spoke to, young or old, went out of their way to mention honey parties and how cool and hip they were. I don’t even know what honey parties are! Wanting to get away for it all, I headed for a nearby cave and trained for a bit, catching an Abra and a Zubat in the process.

After replacing my team’s Talliow with my freshly caught Zubat (who I promptly named “Poptart” due to his wildberry-flavored breakfast pastry color scheme), I decided to take on the village’s gym leader, Brawly. It was a fighting gym, so my Poptart’s Zen Headbutt pretty much wiped the floor with my opponents (although Brawly’s Makuhita did get a lucky hit on my Poptart knocking him out). After earning the Knuckle Badge, Brawly mentioned Steven, and I suddenly remembered the letter Mr. Stone wanted me to deliver to him.

I found Steven in Granite Cave, the place I was training earlier, in a back room previously closed off. On the wall was a giant, ancient painting depicting an enormous Pokémon covered in horseshoe-shaped symbols wreaking havoc on the world. I gave the snazzily dressed Steven his letter and he left without more than a few words of thanks. I’ve got a weird feeling about him and Mr. Stone.

The weird feeling only grew when I got back to Mr. Briney, ready to head home. The sailor informed me that Stone had yet another favor to ask of me! I swear, that guy better be prepared to pay me for all the work I’m doing for his company. Reluctantly, I decided to oblige his request to deliver the Devon parts I rescued from Team Magma to some guy named Captain Stern in Slateport City, so off we went.

I explored every building I came across in that city, looking for Stern. Eventually I walked into the town’s Oceanic Museum, and the place was filled with Team Magma troops. I was expecting a fight, but most of them talked me ear off about how they’re good people and what they’re doing is right and blah blah blah. I found the goon who I originally thwarted, and he actually had the grace to give me a TM for failing to get away with thievery—twice.

I went upstairs and found Stern in the corner staring at a model ship. Just as I was about to hand him the parts, two more Team Magma thugs approached me, demanding the goods—again. I couldn’t believe it. These guys were as stubborn as they were stupid. I used Twinkle Toes’ Water Gun to destroy their Numel, and just when I thought it was all over, he showed up.

A red-haired gentleman with futuristic-looking glasses and the Team Magma outfit approached me and introduced himself as Maxie. What kind of name is Maxie? He droned on about the power of land or something and basically said if I meddled with Team Magma again he wouldn’t show me any mercy. With that, he left. I gave the Devon parts to Stern, and he left, too.

Now that I’m done running errands for Stone, I’m not sure what comes next. I suppose I could find the next gym city and earn another badge. Or perhaps I should catch more Pokémon. All I know is I don’t think this is the last I’ve seen of Maxie or his band of nutjobs.

But I’ll worry about that later. It’s time for sleep. I hope I dream of May…

Current Team

Marshtomp (Mudbuns) – Level 20
Metang – Level 20
Mightyena (Lady) – Level 19
Surskit (Twinkle Toes) – Level 19
Ralts (Feels) – Level 19
Zubat (Poptart) – Level 17

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 11:43
Gym Badges: 2
Current Location: Slateport City


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