Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 2

December 12, 2014

Boy, some crazy stuff happened today.

First, I trained enough to finally take on Roxanne, the Rustboro City gym leader. Her gym was a museum of sorts, and some of her goons stood in the way, but my Mudbuns (who evolved from Mudkip to Marshtomp, by the way) destroyed their Geodudes with his Water Gun and Mud Shot skills. Finally I met Roxanne, who only had a level 10 Geodude and a crappy Nosepass. I one-shot them both, and the Stone Badge was mine. If all the gyms are this easy, I’ll be a Pokémon Master in no time.

I emerged from the gym feeling giddy, and whaddaya know! A Team Magma goon was sprinting out of sight, a scientist hot on his heels. Turns out it was the same guy from the Petalburg Woods! He requested my assistance (again) and asked that I get back the Devon parts the grunt had stolen. I followed the thug to a tunnel entrance, and outside, a familiar old man was looking for his lost Pokémon whom he’d named Peeko. One problem at a time, people!

Entering the tunnel, I found the goon near the back, a Wingull by his side. It clearly wasn’t his, as it was trying to get away. I think I found Peeko. I battled the guy, whooped his butt, and he handed over the Devon parts and peeled out. The old man came inside, collected his friend, thanked me, and left.

I found the scientist by the gym and gave him the Devon parts. He thanked me profusely and demanded I follow him into the Devon Corporation building, so I did. He took me to the top floor where I met the company president, Mr. Stone, who also thanked me. He then went on and said he needed me to deliver a letter to Steven in Dewford, which is across the sea. Haven’t I done enough favors for you guys already? I’m 10 years old and I saved your pathetic scientist’s life twice so far! Now I’m your errand boy? He’s lucky that the tunnel connecting to the next city over is closed. With nowhere else to go, I might as well deliver the letter while I continue my quest.

Mr. Stone told me to head to Route 104 and talk to Mr. Briney, who’d take me across the water. I left Devon Corp., and outside I met May. She looked gorgeous by the pale moonlight. She told me how to get to Route 104, but I could barely hear her over the sound of the blood rushing to my face. Maybe one day I’ll work up the courage to say something back to her, but for now, it’s time to sleep. I’ll continue to Mr. Briney’s in the morning.

Current Team

Marshtomp (Mudbuns) – Level 18
Taillow (Pecktoral) – Level 18
Poochyena (Lady) – Level 17
Surskit (Twinkle Toes) – Level 17
Beldum – Level 17
Ralts (Feels) – Level 16

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 8:21
Gym Badges: 1
Current Location: Rustboro City

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