Jake’s Pokémon Adventures: Day 1

December 11, 2014

Today, it began. I actually started my first Pokémon adventure. Since I crawled from the primordial ooze of my mother’s womb 10 years ago, I’ve wanted nothing but this, and now that it’s finally here, I don’t really know how to feel. I’m elated and scared and excited and anxious all at once. I’m still reeling, but lemme just spill my guts for second.

Okay, so it all started this morning when my mom and I moved into this little town called Littleroot in the Hoenn region, and when I say “little,” I mean it. There are literally two homes in this poor excuse for a city: mine, and Professor Birch’s. A bunch of Machoke were busy moving all our crap inside, which was nice, considering Norman (that’s my “dad,” though I use the term loosely) was too busy being a gym leader and abusive alcoholic to help my mother and I when we need him most.  I was about to get settled into my room, but I barely had time to set the clock before my mom demanded that I go see our new neighbor, Professor Birch.

So I walked the full five feet to his to his house (I told you this town was small), and inside I found something I totally didn’t expect: May. She’s Professor Birch’s daughter and a total babe, with her quirky bangs and cool bandana. I was too flabbergasted to even speak, I was so struck with her beauty. She gushed about Pokémon and becoming a great trainer and whatnot for a few minutes while I silently stood there like an idiot. Eventually she ran off (I didn’t even hear why she had to go), and I suddenly heard a yell from Route 101. I rushed outside and down the path and saw this fat guy running around, a Poochyena about to take a chunk out of his buttcheek. Using my quick wits, I reached into the dude’s bag lying on the ground and found a Poké Ball. Turned out a Mudkip was inside, whom I promptly named “Mudbuns” (lol). I used the little guy to take out the Poochyena, and the guy thanked me and introduced himself as Professor Birch, May’s father. Man, I felt so embarrassed. He took me back to his lab (where May was waiting, of course), gave me a PokéDex, and sent me on my way.

So there it is. With my very own Mudkip, I’m on my way to becoming a full-fledged Pokémon trainer. It’s kinda surreal. Barely taking the time to say goodbye to my mother, I made it through a few routes, using Mudbuns to wipe the floor with other trainers’ ‘mons, and even catching a few of my own along the way. At one point, May met me and asked for a battle, and I could hardly hold it together, but I managed to come out on top despite my nerves. I kinda felt bad for her and her Treeko, but she didn’t seem bothered by the loss.

When I made it to the next town over, I ran into my dad, who’s Petalburg’s gym leader. Great. The douche is so full of himself. He actually made me help this weird kid, Wally, catch a Ralts, but, I mean, it felt good to help someone out (and I got a Ralts of my own, too). My douche of a father said I wasn’t strong enough to face him, but that was fine with me; I couldn’t wait to get outta there.

I continued north, eventually traveling through the Petalburg Woods, and what a trip that was. Get this: Inside the forest, I found a guy from Team Magma (?) who was trying to steal this old scientist’s important documents. Who does this weirdo think he is, with his strange salutes and dumb catch phrases and orange jumpsuit? Is he some sort of crazy cartoon villain? My Mudkip put a stop to that nutjob, and I emerged from the woods. I had made it to Rustboro City (which is huge compared to Littleroot Town, by the way) with six Pokémon on my belt and a desire for a gym badge burning in my heart.

But I’ve got some training to do, so that ambition will have to wait until tomorrow.

Current Team

Mudkip (Mudbuns) – Level 12
Seedot (Leif) – Level 11
Taillow (Pecktoral) – Level 11
Poochyena (Lady) – Level 10
Surskit (Twinkle Toes) – Level 9
Ralts (Feels) – Level 8

Quick Stats

Time Logged: 3:37
Gym Badges: 0
Current Location: Rustboro City

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