Brain Sprinkles 25

Creativity is one of the most important things a human being can express. It’s good for our brains, our hearts, and our souls. It allows people to explore themselves and others in a deep way, something introspection and discussion can’t always do. When consuming others’ creative works, you’re getting a piece of who they are as a person, whether they wanted or intended that or not.

Creativity allows us to function as a society. We’re not merely surviving—we’re living, hour to hour and day to day. How we spend our time digesting others’ creative works—whether that’s a movie, a novel, or a collection of poems—is important to how we grow as people and a community of human beings. I hope reading about the creative content I enjoy (or don’t) gets your creative juices flowing and inspires you to make something great and uniquely your own. At the very least maybe you’ll discover something new you might be interested in.

The Antlers

Hillsong United

Okay, so Hillsong United is worship music, but that doesn’t make them bad. In fact, they’re about one of the only good worship bands out there, in my opinion. Each musician is genuinely talented, and their lyrics and melodies break genre cliches, which is never a bad thing. They’re a fan of the synth, too, and who could be against that? I recommend Oceans, Love is War, and Mountain.

The Antlers

There’s something haunting and chilling about The Antlers. Maybe it’s the fact that the vocals are almost incredibly low in the mix and the singer likes to use falsetto, or maybe it’s their mysterious and unsettling lyrics. Regardless of what makes them great, great they are. I remember discovering this band with the album Hospice (which you need to listen to in its entirety, by the way) and just being floored by it. The whole album is the story of a woman suffering from bone cancer, and it goes into some taboo and uncomfortable topics, all accented by excellent and appropriate music. If you’re looking for some of their songs to get a taste, listen to Zelda, No Widows, and French Exit.

The Last of Us Soundtrack

Anyone who’s play The Last of Us knows how desolate and lonely the world can be, even with a friend at your side. The soundtrack from the game embodies this idea perfectly with incredible acoustic guitar melodies. Even if you haven’t experienced the wonder of this masterpiece of a game, the soundtrack is perfect for literally anyone. I recommend you give the whole thing a shot, as the soundtrack exists as a whole instead of as a sequence of individual songs.

Far Cry 4

Video Game
Far Cry 4

I got around to finishing Far Cry 4 this week! Here’s my review.

Game of Thrones Episode One: Iron from Ice

Oh, man. I knew Telltale was good at making awesome adventure games with fantastic stories, but their take on Game of Thrones is probably their best right out of the gate. The story follows three characters of House Forrester, a friend to the Starks, after they’re betrayed at the Red Wedding. While playing three separate characters who intertwine with famous characters from the show, there’s plenty of violence, drama, and a shocking conclusion I never saw coming. I can’t wait to see what the second episode holds.

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