I Launched a Patreon!

UPDATE: I’ve since discontinued my Patreon, since I have a full-time job now and everything. Thanks to all who contributed!

Hey, everyone.

This is gonna be a really quick post, but basically, I launched a Patreon campaign.

Why? Well, because I write a bunch of stuff for free, and it’d be cool if my “fans” could support me, even just a little. Right now, my freelancing work is my primary source of income, but it’s not quite enough to warrant not getting a day job (which I don’t want to do).

I’d appreciate anyone who took the time to check my Patreon out, and if you decide to donate, I’ll love you always.

Oh, and if you decide to reblog this or retweet it or whatever, that’d be so cool of you.

Thanks for reading.


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