PAX Prime 2013: A Success Story

I just got back from a weekend in Seattle attending the primary Penny Arcade Expo that’s held on the west coast every summer. I went in not really knowing what to expect. I had only been to one convention before this one, and that was when I attended PAX East in March for GameZombie. The website I helped found five months ago, Indie Game Insider, is what I represented this time around, and due to my relative freshness in this industry and the young age of our new site, I didn’t know what our small team of four would accomplish. After traversing the show floor, attending after parties, and networking with industry veterans, I can say we kicked some serious butt and have made our dent in the world. Now it’s time to dig deeper.

Polygon and Indie Game Insider

Our schedule for PAX Prime was packed. There was hardly any down time between meetings and appointments, which can be a blessing and a curse. Between our small team, we played well over 30 games total (look for upcoming previews on each one over at Indie Game Insider) and interviewed and talked to dozens of developers. I did a few on-camera interviews, which went well for the most part. After completing my first one, my interviewee told me I asked excellent questions; he was surprised when I told him he was my first live interview. It felt great to overcome some fears and accomplish what I did, even if there were some bumps along the way.

King Friday, Alec, and I

Things only went up from there. I met Casey Lynch (who is somehow now like my best buddy) who acts as the VP of publishing for his new indie label called Midnight City. I networked with all the devs involved with him. I met his partner King Friday (great guy). At the IGN after party on Saturday, I got to shake Greg Miller’s hand once again and finally thank him in person for helping me land a freelance position at IGN. He told me he has an eye for talent, which certainly felt good. All these peoples are now associated with me, which doesn’t hurt any. It’s definitely nice to have some big wig contacts in this competitive industry.

Greg and I

I also got to meet Alexa from Polygon along with a few other editors and reporters for the site. She recently wrote an article involving the Indie Game Insider founders, so she was super cool with us. And, to top it all off, I met Adam Sessler at the airport as we were leaving Seattle. I thanked him for his excellent BioShock Infinite review, got a picture with him, and even gave him my card. Not bad.

Adam, Kaya, Andrew, and I

This weekend really couldn’t have gone any better. We got tons of content for our site, I broke out of my shell and got some sweet interviews done (stay tuned to Indie Game Insider to see those when they go live), I made friends, and we got our brand out there. Our team accomplished a lot, so much so that we ended up being VIPs for two parties. I feel I need to reiterate that we’re still in college and our website is only five months old. I feel unstoppable, and I can’t wait to see what comes next. But for now, I think I should catch some sleep and crank out some more previews.

Stick around, friends. It’s only going to get better.


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